Labor Relations

Our firm has extensive experience in representing labor unions in a wide variety of labor relations matters. These include hundreds of PERB unfair labor practice and representation cases. Bob Bezemek was deeply involved in the first generation of California labor board cases, including the first Agricultural Labor Relations Board unfair labor practice case involving the discharge of farmworkers for union activity (Valley Farms, 2 ALRB No. 41(1976)) Bob also many of the early PERB cases that dealt with the scope of bargaining and the rights of employees to engage in union and other concerted activities. These include the first PERB decision finding that a public school employer had refused to hire an employee because of her union activities (Santa Clara Unified School District, PERB Decision Nos. 60 and 104), and decisions protecting the freedom of choice to vote for a union and defeat efforts by employers to deny them that right (Hartnell Community College District, PERB Dec. No. 58 (1978); Rio Linda USD, PERB Dec. No. 71 (1978)). Bob also tried and won PERB’s leading precedent involving discipline or discharge for union activity. (Novato Unified School District, PERB Dec. No. 210 (1982)), and the post-Proposition 13 case that prevented unilateral reductions in contractual benefits. San Francisco Community College District, PERB Dec. No. 105 (1979). Among many other notable decisions are Marin Community College District, PERB Dec. No. 1092 (1995) [employer must negotiate with union over wages and working conditions of administrators returned to bargaining unit]; and San Mateo Community College District, PERB Dec. No. 1030 (1993) [union right to released time in FTE increments].

The firm engages in representation of labor unions and employees in civil trials, administrative hearings, arbitrations, and in cases before the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), and the National Labor Relations Board. The firm assists unions in negotiating collective bargaining agreements, drafting and advising unions on legislation, defending employees during employer investigations, and in grievances and arbitrations.

The firm’s attorneys frequently make presentations to labor unions in regard to numerous topics of current interest.